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For over 35 years, PACER has offered peer support and education to Northern California’s adoption constellation community. PACER is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and grassroots volunteer organization run by individuals living with an adoption experience. With an estimated 6 million adoptees and roughly one third of the US population living with an adoption experience, PACER advocates that adopted individuals’ and  parents’ voices are central to dispelling the myths and misperceptions about adoption and relinquishment. We also understand that healing and recovery from adoption, complicated grief, and relinquishment are lifelong experiences. Overall, PACER advocates for openness, honesty, and transparency in adoption policies, practices, and attitudes.

Since 1979, PACER’s main goal has been to give a voice to the experiences and concerns of triad members who were just beginning to do their own searches. From the beginning, we have connected people and encouraged togetherness for mutual aid and support. PACER was founded on the following principles which we still embody today:

  • We believe that adoption is a lifelong process.
  • We welcome all members of the adoption triad and anyone interested in the issues related to the adoption process.
  • We value understand and promote acceptance of life experiences through our services and support groups.
  • We believe in the importance of establishing one’s identity, both social and biological.
  • We provide group support services, education and research on adoption issues.
  • We strive to influence adoption policy and practice by modeling and recommending needed changes. In addition, we work in a complementary role with agencies, affiliated professionals, volunteers, and post adoption workers.

Learn more about our rich history in adoption support and reform.

Our History

Current Board Members

Today, PACER members, board members, and facilitators are composed of individuals living with an experience of adoption. Combined, and individually, we offer peer support and resources for the wellness of everyone within the adoption triad/constellation in the greater Bay Area and Sacramento.

  • President – Theresa Reynolds
  • Secretary – Jim Dunn
  • Treasurer – Steven Kanzee
  • Board Member – Jim Gabbard
  • Board Member – Vicki White