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PACER’S work on behalf of all members of the adoption community is financed is solely by individual charitable membership donations. We invite you to become a part of our adoption community by becoming a member and donating to PACER today.

The Benefits of your membership donation include:

  • Access to our 10 peer-led adoption constellation support groups in the Greater Bay Area and in Sacramento.
  • Invitations to workshops and events.
  • PACER email alerts and announcements.
  • Invitations to participate in surveys and research.
  • Reforming California’s closed adoption record laws. California adoptees are still denied access to their adoption records in California. We think it’s about time that ALL California adoptees are granted this basic human and civil right!
  • The satisfaction of supporting PACER’s unique adoption community, innovative work, and mission.

We have several Membership Donation options to choose from:

  • $0-$25 Basic
  • $26-$60 Supporting
  • $61-$100 Sponsor
  • $101-$250 Professional
  • $251 – Organizational

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If you prefer to donate by mail please print out and mail the Pacer Donation Member Form with your check.