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PACER has been recognized for having a well-vetted library of resources for those wanting to learn more about the adoption experience, be it personally, politically, or professionally. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of adoption reading by any means. Every day, more adoptees, birth/first parents and adoptive families are sharing their stories online and in person through blog/memoir writing, documentary films, poetry, and other forms of creative works. We consider this to be the best way to educate the public about what the adoption experience is actually like. As a result, we are keeping our library limited to a select few books, articles, websites we know our members hold in high regard. For your convenience we’ve organized our resources by subject area including triad specific sections. These are meant to be starting points for our visitors but we’re happy to take recommendations any time. Just email us at

Adoptee Anthologies
Adoptive Parents & Families
Birth/First Parents
Ethics/Global Politics
Loss & Grief
Open Access & Adoption Reform
Teachers, Classroom & School
  • Out of the Shadows: Adoptive Families Seek to Transform Classroom Strategies by Elizabeth Hunt
  • Non-Adoptee Privilege by Kelly Reineke
  • Adopted Children in the Early Childhood Classroom by Child Welfare Information Gateway
  • Adoption Awareness in Adoption Awareness in School Assignments by Center for Adoption Policy
Transracial Adoption
For Professionals
Search & Reunion

We also have a DVD Rental Program for members and support group facilitators. We encourage you to host small gatherings and view these shows together. They are terrific resources that will help you educate, support and inspire each other. Make a request anytime with us and we’ll get the DVD off to you ASAP!

DVD Rental List