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Support Groups

Serving the greater Bay Area and Sacramento in northern California, PACER offers 2 types of Peer-led support groups:

  • Triad Groups for all members of the adoption constellation including adopted individuals and both Birth/First and adoptive parents
  • Single-Focus Groups
    • Adopted individuals
    • Birth/First mothers
    • Adoptive parents

Our support groups meet monthly and are considered drop-in. You may begin attending any time. They are peer-led and offer a safe and confidential community where individuals living with an adoption experience can come together to share, be heard, and learn from one another. Groups offer self-validation for group attendees and allow participants the opportunity to find their own answers within the supportive community. The groups generally operate within the following guidelines to ensure a safe and supportive environment for everyone:

  • Group meetings begin and end on time.
  • Group meetings create a safe space for all participants, meaning drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  • Each group meeting begins with a welcome and a brief around-the-room introduction.
  • Every group participant is guaranteed equal time to speak if they want to or they may attend and just listen to others.
  • Facilitators ask that there be no questions or cross-talk while another group participant is speaking.
  • Group facilitators and members do not offer advice or feedback unless it is specifically requested by the speaker.
  • Confidentiality is assured. Each meeting’s content is held in the strictest confidence.

These are the current active support groups:

If you interested in starting a group in an area we don’t currently serve, please contact us. We are always looking to expand our reach through more support groups.

Not sure if a peer-led support group is right for you? Check out our page of frequently asked questions:

Support Groups FAQ