Support Group FAQ’s 2016-01-02T18:49:18+00:00
Why would I go to a support group?
At a support group you will find a safe and supportive environment. You will have the opportunity to talk about your situation, ask for feedback, and listen to the stories of others in the triad.

What if I want to come, but am not comfortable talking?
At PACER’s groups, talking is optional. Each person makes their own choice. You are welcome to attend whether you want to listen, learn, or just see what the group is like.

What can be gained from listening to others in the adoption triad?
The stories of others can open up personal insights, new perspectives on our stories, and a greater understanding of our adoption experiences. Often the group is diverse, and the different stories help to widen our perspectives and deepen our understanding.

Who goes to these groups?
PACER offers a variety of support groups. Some are for birthmothers only, others are for adoptees only, and still others are for anyone in the adoption triad, even those supporting members of the triad. As the attendance is voluntary, the groups can change over time. There is often a lot of wisdom in the room. A broad cross-section of people attends our groups.

How will I feel?
There is no universal answer. Your experience will be unique to you. Some people feel very comfortable in our groups. They respond well to being around others with similar feelings and experiences. Others might feel alienated, or have a difficult time listening to the stories of different attendees. Search and reunion, for example, can be both joyous and difficult. At any given time you might find people experiencing different feelings under similar circumstances.

What will I learn?
Ultimately, we believe the purpose of our groups is to create a safe and supportive environment for the individual to explore their own feelings and situations. The diverse stories in any given group can help the individual gain a deeper perspective on his or her own story.

Who facilitates the support groups?
The facilitator is a peer, not a licensed therapist. Our facilitators are part of the triad, and are well versed in adoption topics.

Is there a cost to attend a support group?
No. Anyone can join a support group. Some groups may ask for a voluntary donation to help with the cost of renting the meeting space though and we encourage your support.

How much time will I have to speak?
This will depend on how many people attend the meeting. Most of our groups meet for two hours, and the time is split evenly among the people in attendance. Usually each person will have around fifteen minutes.

How do I get into a support group?
Find the support group right for you and contact the facilitator.